Family Photos

(Not that we're proud or anything)

This is me, Deborah Danielski.

Our Newlyweds, son Matt and wife, Laura, married August 28, 1999.

My husband, Ed.

Our son, Don, and wife,
Terri Joe.

Don and Terri's daughter, Lainy, with the doll and matching dresses I made for her 7th birthday.

Their son 'Lijah, 4.

Our only daughter, Christina, and husband Lance.

Tina and Lance's oldest son, Lyle, age 7.

Their middle son,
Ethan, age 5.

And the baby of the family, Hank, at age 2. He's now 3.


Luke, age 25, and still a bachelor.


Chris, age 16. Chris isn't married yet either


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